Want to clear your mind? Are you feeling energetically stifled? Is yoga already a part of your personal practice?

Reclaim, reconnect and rejuvenate with the healing power of gentle, sequenced movement and breath.

Agoy is a one-of-a-kind healing practice in Melbourne’s St Kilda East. We serve the local Melbourne yoga community with a unique, safe and self-nourishing form of energy healing to complement their existing spiritual rituals.

Our unique practice is designed to help you feel relaxed and finally in control of your energy and emotions. Agoy will help release your emotional blocks, clear your energy and re-energise, all within a supportive, safe and tranquil environment.

Is Agoy right for you? Discover why.

Our Mission

If you live in this modern world, your energy and emotions are in a constant state of flux. With all of life’s turbulence, commitments and drama, we seek refuge, connection and healing by turning to ancient forms of spirituality. These can help us reconnect and deepen our relaxation and consciousness, but the human body has a habit of holding on to pain and suffering.

Unless we clear our energetic blocks, these past episodes will continue to affect our lives on a day-to-day basis. We’ll continue to feel tired, or energetically drained, or emotionally bankrupt. We’ll fall ill, we’ll feel confused or overloaded with emotions.

Enter Agoy, a modern form of spiritual healing that will help you clear and balance the energy of the body.

Through providing a safe, nurturing and communal atmosphere, Agoy Wellbeing offers the perfect complementary practice for enriching your yoga and meditation.

What is Agoy?

Agoy is a special and newly-developed energetic healing class. Agoy Wellbeing are the only classes in the world where you can discover the restorative effects of Agoy. Essentially, it’s inspired by Tibetan healing techniques that incorporate breath, mantras, movement and guided meditation.

Find out how Agoy can benefit you. 

“I have an extremely stressful life and when I come away from Agoy I am so relaxed it is unbelievable. I actually manage to forget the world.”

“Really enjoyed going to Agoy, it is a fantastic atmosphere and Jason is a great instructor. After every class always felt brilliant.”

“Pleasantly surprised by the class, Jason is lovely instructor. I used a voucher and found it a new and relaxing experience.”

“I wasn’t quote sure what to expect but Jason met my expectations & it was a highly enjoyable experience. I am looking into continuing on an ongoing basis.”

You’re seeking stillness. Agoy offers peaceful rejuvenation.

Are you interested in learning more about Agoy? Come along to one of our classes at our St Kilda East healing centre. Sign up to the e-newsletter to find out when classes start.

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