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New Practice for Removing Stress and feeling Peace.

Jason Watson - Agoy Instructor

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Many of you may have thought about meditating, and the thought seems quite daunting. 

My teacher and I have developed a new concept stress management practice to help you connect inside. 

The practice is called Agoy and uses yoga-like movements, sound and colour visualisation to give you a sense that you’re engaged in doing something while connecting inside. 

The gentle combination of slow yoga-like movement, sound and colour visualisation helps you undo the bad habits of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. 

I’ve used Agoy to help me go from feeling depressed, anxious and overwhelmed to peace, happiness and clarity beyond my wildest imagination. 

But full disclaimer, Agoy will only work if you are ready and willing to change your thoughts and feelings. If you’re not ready to change, nothing’s going to help. Because people get comfortable with their negative thoughts and feelings and end up identifying with them. Even feeling like they deserve them. 

If you are ready to shed your stress, anxiousness and overwhelm, then take up this offer. Enjoy a free trial of an Agoy online class. 

You’ll have access to a video of an Agoy class for 1 week.

If Agoy resonates with you and you’re getting the benefits you need, you’ll have the option of purchasing a monthly subscription for $29 (Australian Dollars), which you can cancel anytime. 

Overtime you’ll get access to more Agoy classes at no extra cost. 

To trial Agoy click the link below to enter your details and receive access to the Agoy Class video.


You won’t be asked for credit card details. And your information won’t be shared with anyone. 

Trial a short taster of the Agoy Online Class:

What fans of Agoy have said:

“I have an extremely stressful life and when I come away from Agoy I am so relaxed it is unbelievable. I actually manage to forget the world.”

“Really enjoyed going to Agoy, it is a fantastic atmosphere and Jason is a great instructor. After every class always felt brilliant.”

“A brilliant class eloquently presented. Great atmosphere, studio and location. Professional and inviting.”

“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but Jason met my expectations & it was a highly enjoyable experience. I am looking into continuing on an ongoing basis.” 

“warm, inviting and very inspiring. Feel relaxed and stress free afterwards. Highly recommend it.

…Even though it was my first intro session, it was a really lovely experience. I’m still relishing in the after effects, I feel centered, calm and happy…”

“…I have really enjoyed the classes. You come out feeling so relaxed and refreshed and ready to face the world again…”

“This is amazing. I felt so relaxed. I will definitely come again and tell my friends.”

“…It’s a very gentle and refreshing practice; I walk out feeling far less grumpy and stressed than when I entered…”

“..A truly relaxing personal experience where the outside world was shut; …great start to the weekend. The instructor was friendly and clear. I recommend this service for beginners and those looking for a tranquil moment.”

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