A Relaxation and Growth focused Group Class that helps You Feel Clear.

We will help you clear stress & feel like yourself again. So that you can thrive instead of cope with life's challenges.

If you're living with stress and feel overwhelmed by it. Or you just want to feel clearer and more full of life. Agoy can help you on that journey.

No more struggle. Just an easy, gentle process.

Simple technique
A simple guided structure to help create flow in your practice. So that you relax into a deep soft state.
A Gentle Process
A process that helps you to gently clear limitations. So that you feel clear and able to enjoy life.

Week after week, Agoy helps you keep on top of things by clearing stress and overwhelm.


134 Alexandra Street

St Kilda East

Victoria - 3183


Hours: Wed 7.30pm - 8.30pm