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A Relaxation and Growth focused Group Class that helps You Feel Clear.

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We will help you clear stress & feel like yourself again. So that you can thrive instead of cope with life's challenges.

If you're living with stress and feel overwhelmed by it. Or you just want to feel clearer and more full of life. Agoy can help you on that journey.

No more struggle. Just an easy, gentle process.

Simple technique
A simple guided structure to help create flow in your practice. So that you relax into a deep soft state.
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A Gentle Process
A process that helps you to gently clear limitations. So that you feel clear and able to enjoy life.
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Week after week, Agoy helps you keep on top of things by clearing stress and overwhelm.

Meditation Classes Balaclava

If you have been searching for meditation classes near Balaclava, then why not try an introductory class in Agoy at our St Kilda East centre. Through these guided classes you will experience gentle movement, combined with colour and sound to help you achieve a relaxing flow state that calms the mind and alleviates tension.

The practice of Agoy was developed by Melbourne meditation teacher John Morris, and your instructor Jason Watson has been practising and teaching this unique class for over thirteen years.  

The empowering techniques of Agoy assist students in letting go of the stress and obstacles that prevent them from living a clear and focused life. As you learn to find calm in the moment, you will gain a balance that assists you in your daily life, decision making, and work. 

Every student will take something different from an Agoy practice, and you may find that this varies for you from week to week. You may leave the class feeling brighter, with more energy and focus. Or you may achieve a sense of calm and stillness for your racing mind as you flow with the gentle movement of your body.


Wellness & Relaxation Classes in Balaclava


Agoy may be practised as part of a holistic health and wellbeing plan. The gentle movement and relaxation have many benefits that you will see carry over into other exercises and practices. In itself, Agoy is a transformative practice that can see you free your life from the overwhelming stress that limits you. With Agoy relaxation classes, Balaclava locals can find a sense of self-possession and calm that helps them to enjoy life, rather than simply struggling through.

In an Agoy class, the outside world melts away, so you can emerge renewed and ready to face the world again. The combination of techniques from several mind-body practices and the blend of sound, colour and movement in these guided practises helps each Agoy class to become a self-contained space where participants can connect more deeply and achieve a soft flow state.  

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