A Relaxation and Growth focused Group Class that helps You Feel Clear.

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We will help you clear stress & feel like yourself again. So that you can thrive instead of cope with life's challenges.

If you're living with stress and feel overwhelmed by it. Or you just want to feel clearer and more full of life. Agoy can help you on that journey.

No more struggle. Just an easy, gentle process.

Simple technique
A simple guided structure to help create flow in your practice. So that you relax into a deep soft state.
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A Gentle Process
A process that helps you to gently clear limitations. So that you feel clear and able to enjoy life.
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Week after week, Agoy helps you keep on top of things by clearing stress and overwhelm.

Meditation Classes Elwood

We know that colours have a powerful effect on our mood. We dress in the colours we love and decorate our homes in the shades that make us feel invigorated or relaxed.

Combining colours with sound can create an atmosphere of calm, of bright energy, or relaxing clarity. Agoy brings together these healing elements with guided movement and meditation in classes where Elwood students can find a deeper connection and a soft flow state.

For those who have tried meditation classes but find the enforced stillness only accelerates their racing mind, or yoga students who find themselves concentrating so hard on the movements that their mind has no time to turn inwards and relax, Agoy offers an alternative.

Developed by a Melbourne meditation teacher who wished to combine the beneficial techniques of several practices, Agoy encourages a gradual inward focusing that relaxes tension, brings clarity to an anxious mind, and leaves students with a deep sense of tranquillity and happiness at the end of our movement and meditation classes. Elwood locals will find us just up the road in St Kilda East, so you will find it easy to make Agoy a part of your weekly wellness program.


Wellness & Relaxation Classes in Elwood


Both our Agoy and weekly meditation classes are non-denominational and open to anyone of any tradition, school, or practice. The gentle movements of Agoy are suitable for a range of ages and levels of mobility. All of this makes our Agoy and meditation programs a unique choice amongst local relaxation classes. Elwood students can expect a warm and welcoming environment, one where they are encouraged to lift stress and gently clear limitations in a simple guided practice.

If you have been searching for a wellness and relaxation class that offers more movement than traditional meditation, but have found yourself held back by injury or restricted movement, then why not talk to us here at Agoy Wellbeing, or try an introductory class for yourself today.