The easy way to wellness.

Agoy provides a structure for connecting inside where you find bliss.

Agoy uses:
  • gentle movement to stimulate your chakras and direct your attention inwards.

  • sound tones that resonate with your chakras and reinforce the process of healing while connecting inwards.​

  • colour breathing that reinforces the powerful movement/sound segment of the practice.

  • energy healing that generates the change while connecting within until emotional and mental stuckness is cleared.

  • the combination of all these techniques and gifts into a simple, easy practice that brings you to bliss.

Purchase a 4 class pass - because you need to give yourself enough time and enough of a commitment to go through your initial discovery process.
Because in-between your classes you'll forget how good it is, and your commitment will keep you ontrack.
Online class options:
  • Agoy Online Class - every Tuesday 7pm (Melbourne, Australia time) - purchase a 4 class pass for $59 (20% discount) - click here to purchase