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Learn to Connect Inside Gently to Find Happiness.

People think that getting in control of stress is an impossible task, especially if you're tired after work, and all you want to do is plonk yourself in front of the TV.

But what if you tried something that used little effort; and helped you feel energised in an hour.

Agoy has helped hundreds of people achieve just that:

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but Jason met my expectations & it was a highly enjoyable experience. I am looking into continuing on an ongoing basis.” 

“warm, inviting and very inspiring. Feel relaxed and stress free afterwards. Highly recommend it."

Agoy's simple easy system of movements, makes it easy to connect inside yourself to find happiness.

Join Agoy every Wednesday at 7pm at 134 Alexandra Street, St Kilda East.

Reserve your place by making a booking now.

1 hour class is $20.



First Class Free - use coupon AGOYFREE

Your body holds stress in different areas, and that stress stops you from feeling happier.


1. Become aware of where you are.

Bring attention back to yourself.

Laying on the floor.jpg

2. Start the process of intentionally relaxing your body.

3. Release stresses in different parts of your body through movements designed to target different areas of yourself.

Neck pan.jpg
Hand grip.jpg
Crown point.jpg

4. Become aware of the joy inside you, and allow yourself to enjoy it. 

5. Repeat.

“…I have really enjoyed the classes. You come out feeling so relaxed and refreshed and ready to face the world again…” 

“…It’s a very gentle and refreshing practice; I walk out feeling far less grumpy and stressed than when I entered…”

Live with a warm glow of joy inside you. It makes all the difference to how you live your life.

Even if you can't start immediately, you can make a commitment to start sometime in the future by reserving your place now.

Wednesdays 7pm at 134 Alexandra Street, St Kilda East.
Places are limited. Reserve your place by making a booking now.
$20 per class.
First Class Free - use coupon AGOYFREE
For Enquiries call/text: 0413 783 453
Book Into Your Agoy Class Below:
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