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A Relaxation and Growth focused Group Class that helps You Feel Clear.

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We will help you clear stress & feel like yourself again. So that you can thrive instead of cope with life's challenges.

If you're living with stress and feel overwhelmed by it. Or you just want to feel clearer and more full of life. Agoy can help you on that journey.

No more struggle. Just an easy, gentle process.

Simple technique
A simple guided structure to help create flow in your practice. So that you relax into a deep soft state.
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A Gentle Process
A process that helps you to gently clear limitations. So that you feel clear and able to enjoy life.
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Week after week, Agoy helps you keep on top of things by clearing stress and overwhelm.

Meditation Classes Malvern

Can a practice be both powerful and gentle? If you have been searching for meditation classes near Malvern without finding the one that is right for you then why not try a class at Agoy Wellbeing?

Agoy was born in Melbourne, the brainchild of meditation teacher John Morris, who wished to combine the techniques of several practices to create a simple, guided program that would help participants connect more deeply, relaxing into a soft, deep state in a gentle practice that flows without strain, powerfully transforming mindsets and alleviating stress.

Your instructor Jason Watson will guide the session through gentle sounds, colours, and movement that allow you to relax deeply into the practice while letting the outside world fade away for a time. However, Agoy is about much more than shutting out the world, and our students often report that they feel more centred, energised, and clearer following their Agoy practice, with a renewed vigour to face the challenges that life presents them with.

Wellness & Relaxation Classes in Malvern


Because Agoy is centred around connecting more deeply to ourselves as we gently focus inwards, the benefits will be something that you carry with you. Despite the pressures of life, you always have a refuge and a wellspring of strength within yourself, and the guided flow of Agoy will help you to connect to that, clearing the tensions and limitations that keep you from enjoying life.

With a convenient St Kilda East location for our Agoy relaxation classes, many Malvern locals choose to make their Agoy practice a part of a holistic wellness routine that may involve other complementary practices.


Our central location has allowed us to create a retreat within the heart of the city. One that is not only visited but returned to each week in the guided classes, and each day in the renewed sense of self-possession and centredness that is learnt and enjoyed through Agoy.

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