Want an Easy Way to Manage Your Wellbeing?

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Covid amplified global stress levels.

So you're not alone.

You may reached a point where you finally want your anxiousness and worried busy negative critical mind under control?

You may have read a book on looking after your wellbeing. Or followed some insta or fb wellness inspiration pages.

Maybe even tried guided meditation.

But you're still feeling blah and unmotivated by life, or up at night with a restless mind, unable to switch off.

Perhaps even exercising more and being out in nature still doesn't cut the mustard.

Nor socialising more, and connecting with people.

Something's still missing. That key to unlocking the relaxation and happiness you're searching for.

There is something. Something new.

Something designed with you in mind.

You may have heard that happiness starts from inside.

A kind of happiness not dependent on anything.

One reliant on your ability to direct your attention inwards, where true happiness lives.

Here's the secret. This is easy.

And there's a new meditative practice that provides a gentle way to connect inside.

If you've tried meditation and found sitting still with your eyes closed as hard as a marathon.

Or the even thought of sitting still with your eyes closed, motivates you to do the opposite.

Then I have an offer for you.

You get to move slowly and gently. With sound in the background.  And still connect inside towards the happiness waiting for you.

This is Agoy.

A new approach to inner practice.

You're going to want to do it every day.

But, there's only one class every Wed, in St kilda East at 7pm.

How much longer can you put up with a head full of thoughts running out of control?

Why endure another week of mental suffering?

There's only one thing missing from your week.

Taking a step towards the happiness you've been waiting for.

So make a booking for Agoy.

Or endue another week with sleepless nights.

A head full of restless worried thoughts.

And missed opportunities.

Join Agoy every Wednesday at 7pm at 134 Alexandra Street, St Kilda East.

Reserve your place by making a booking now.

The 1 hour class is $20.
Your First Class is Free - just use the coupon AGOYFREE when you book below.

For Enquiries call/text: 0413 783 453
Some typical Agoy movements
Here's what raving fans of Agoy have said:

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but Jason met my expectations & it was a highly enjoyable experience. I am looking into continuing on an ongoing basis.” 

“warm, inviting and very inspiring. Feel relaxed and stress free afterwards. Highly recommend it."

“…I have really enjoyed the classes. You come out feeling so relaxed and refreshed and ready to face the world again…” 

“…It’s a very gentle and refreshing practice; I walk out feeling far less grumpy and stressed than when I entered…”