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The Healing Properties of Sound and Light

Science shows us that sound and light changes atoms at a deep sub-atomic level. In the same way sound and light can change the way you feel, and bring you back to peace.

I watched a documentary on SBS about how scientists study the universe.

What was fascinating was that they used huge telescopes to observe celestial objects by studying their light and sound emission.

Based on their observations they made deductions about how the universe was created on a subatomic level.

Ultimately, they deduced that everything in the universe is made up of parcels of energy that whiz around each other and sometimes connect to each other.

These particles seem to express themselves through the vibrations of sound and light.

These subatomic particles are also transformed by receiving waves of sound or light from other particles.

As human beings, we too are made up of these parcels of energy. Our physical, mental and emotional selves are expressed through vibrations of energy; and affected by vibrations of energy from outside ourselves.

So, we have an effect on our environment and our environment affects us.

The beauty part of this is that we can use this knowledge to our advantage, by applying the vibrations of energy we want.

So when we feel, out of balance, or just plain simply angry, scared, tired or sad. We can correct those feelings by applying vibrations of sound and light that help us feel at peace.

Indians mapped out a convenient energy map of the body, with 7 major energy centres.

These 7 energy centres correspond to 7 clusters of characteristics that make up different parts of ourselves.

For example, the energy centre at the base of the spine governs our connection to the rules of our community,

The one beneath the navel governs our relationship with sex, money and power.

The one beneath the breastbone governs our mind and our mental state.

The one in the middle of the chest governs our connection to love.

The energy centre in the middle of the throat governs our ability to communicate.

The one in the middle of the forehead governs our ability to think and intuit.

The one on top of the head governs our ability to communicate with divine beings.

When any of our energy centres are out of balance, a corresponding aspect of our lives is out of sync.

So applying the corrective sound or light vibration to the area of your body governing what’s out of sync, helps to bring about balance and clarity.

Using the right vibration of sound or light to emotions helps relieve them.

Of course, you still need to make better decisions and behave better.

But applying sound and light to your energy centres can help you to see things more clearly.

At Agoy we incorporate sound from the recordings of crystal bowls and light in the form of colour breathing visualization amongst other techniques to help bring about inner peace.

We also hope that through a practice like Agoy, your growing self-awareness will create the change you need in your life.

things you can do.

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