A Relaxation and Growth focused Group Class that helps You Feel Clear.

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We will help you clear stress & feel like yourself again. So that you can thrive instead of cope with life's challenges.

If you're living with stress and feel overwhelmed by it. Or you just want to feel clearer and more full of life. Agoy can help you on that journey.

No more struggle. Just an easy, gentle process.

Simple technique
A simple guided structure to help create flow in your practice. So that you relax into a deep soft state.
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A Gentle Process
A process that helps you to gently clear limitations. So that you feel clear and able to enjoy life.
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Week after week, Agoy helps you keep on top of things by clearing stress and overwhelm.

Meditation Classes Windsor

Do you feel that you are merely struggling through life’s challenges when you wish to thrive and grow? Agoy is a meditative practice that helps you feel like yourself again. To lift the stress that shackles you and find the clarity and equilibrium that helps you face each challenge, rather than simply weather it. 

Whether you are someone who takes a holistic approach to your own wellbeing and are searching for something more, or you are a beginner wanting to experience the benefits of guided relaxation, then you will find a unique approach in the Agoy meditation classes. Windsor locals can find the Agoy Wellbeing centre conveniently nearby in St Kilda East. 

The Agoy technique combines elements of several practices for weekly, guided sessions that promote clarity, peace, and deep relaxation.

Regular meditation is an essential step in regaining our focus and sense of self, however, too many of us allow the daily stresses of life to crowd out this nurturing practice. When you return to a guided meditation or Agoy session week after week, you will find yourself better able to keep on top of things, conquering stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed by life as you find joy and energy for facing life’s challenges. 

Wellness & Relaxation Classes in Windsor


Agoy was developed in Melbourne as a gentle process that anyone can follow, and you will find that these relaxation and growth focused group sessions are well suited for combination with other relaxation classes. Windsor students will find that there really is nothing else quite like Agoy, but that it is easily combined with weekly meditation sessions or other practices in your total wellness program. 

On the other hand, if all you can find time for in your busy schedule is a weekly Agoy class, then you will still feel the benefits of this time taken for relaxation and inner focus.   

By gradually clearing stress from each part of the body, and focusing the mind inwards to clear limitations and stress, you create a clarity and peace that will carry you through the week, and a knowledge of this inner refuge that you carry with you wherever you go.